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2012 Hummer Marauder


2012 Hummer Marauder is question No. 17, a group makes the program top gear has found the car more difficult to “destroy” in the world. Marauder is a military vehicle weight of 10 tons. If desired, customers can purchase still the Marauder sale £ 300,000 (approximately $478.000).

To demonstrate the robustness marauder, journalist Richard Hammond from Top Gear program members conducted a unique experiment. One of them is a challenge with explosives. Hammond placed under 3.2 kg of plastic explosives marauder to see the level of damage. The outcome, to overcome the challenges that the marauder only scratches, flat-tires and damaged several small accessories. Meanwhile, the same amount of explosives, a Hummer “disbanded”.

However, journalists are a Hammond Marauder affected by a wall of bricks in Johannesburg without slowing down or “calm” parked in front two hungry lions. After each test, Marauder is still almost intact and very little damage. Produced by Paramount Group in South Africa, the Marauder is 6400 mm long and 2743 mm in height. With a production capacity of 290 HP engine block, the Marauder can reach a maximum speed of 113 km/h. In addition, this car also brings the window glass thick 9 cm system and cannot be opened. Even the Windows of glass on the Marauder is sure to resist the driving force of the grenade. House of military equipment, the Marauder also has room for eight people sitting inside.

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