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2014 BMW i3

An overview about 2014 BMW i3 with detailed specification, performance, design, price, safety, and 2014 BMW i3 photos.

BMW was all in on the future of electric vehicles i3 2014. The Bavarian car was designed i-series – which is also a high-performance i8 – the philosophy of sustainable mobility. The i3, means an electric city special. At just 151.4 inches long – 2 meters shorter than the Nissan Leaf – i3 find a good parking near the museum of the city must have some problems. And the seating for four, you will be able to master the art criticism in your social circle to take.

Being a BMW, i3 should not miss for performance. Extensive use of aluminum in the chassis and carbon fiber in the cabin means that the i3 will be a little more than 2700 pounds roads – being lighter than the Nissan Leaf. A powerful 125 kW electric motor (equivalent to about 170 horsepower and 170 pound-feet of torque) increase in the rear axle and rear wheel drive. BMW i3 said he would go from zero to 60 mph in less than 8 seconds and reaches a top speed of 93 mph. BMW also claims the i3 will have a range of 93 miles and can be recharged quickly to 80 percent of the battery capacity in just an hour or six hours for a full charge on a standard outlet.

In the cabin, a “stand-alone” steering control includes instrument panel and shift lever, and remove the center console. By contrast, three – the screen is 6.5 inches on the instrument panel, 8.8-inch screen and the third screen dedicated to audio and climate controls – driver interface is a big part. I3 cab also dispenses with a central tunnel cut through the soil and the use of a full-width front and rear benches passenger used for input and output.

How i3 compared to other electric cars like the Ford Focus Electric, Mitsubishi i and Nissan Leaf to be seen, but the BMW heritage and performance promising to do. Back typical choice for a full review of the 2014 BMW i3, including specifications, driving impressions and buying advice as they become available.

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